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Caleb A. Smith

IdeaClimber Consulting
Development and Product Leader
Austin, Texas
Business and tech.
I also coach leaders and techies on public speaking and work on accents.

Things that define me: My faith in Christ My love for my family My concern for others: I seek to add value to others My passion for excellence and personal growth I am a highly idea driven person strong in innovation and creativity. I enjoy the energy I get when I'm coming up with some new project, business plan, or way of explaining a concept. This love of the idea is reflected in my ENTP type from Myers/Briggs, Merchant/Innovator type on CVI, and my top 5 from the Strengths Finder: 1. Strategic 2. Ideation 3. Learner 4. Futurist 5. Positivity. I also have a healthy sense of adventure and occasionally bend the rules to find new ways to do things. (that doesn't mean breaking the law, at least not specifically) A Few of my Favorite Things: "I love to get high and I really like speed" Translated... I enjoy heights and love to go fast. hence my love for mountain climbing and biking, roller-blading and diving. I don't know what it sounds like when God inhales, but I think maybe when he breathes out it is the sound of music. I enjoy celebrating the whispers of the creator by singing and playing the piano. I love words... Prose packed with puns poetry that is profound clever quips and quick comebacks My humor is often cheesy, but rarely sleazy. I hope to equip people around the globe by sharing the love of Christ and helping others grow in the areas that most increase influence: leadership, thinking skills, understanding of self and communication skills.

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